School Photos

I am not a fan of school photos.  I can take a bazillion photos of my own children for free, we can take pictures in the park, in the bath, in the pool, in the garden, while we’re baking, while we’re reading, while we’re playing, wearing costumes, wearing fun clothes, wearing smart clothes, wearing no clothes so I kind of object to having to pay money for a boring picture of them sitting, doing nothing, wearing school clothes – it is the antithesis of who they are!!

But every now and again I get suckered into buying them!  The last one we got was back in Scotland when they looked like this …

Ruby was five, Alexander was seven so that was three years ago! 

We didn’t get them the next year because we had just moved here and everything was a bit of a whirlwind!  Then last year Ruby’s lips were all sore and red and she was so miserable about how she looked that she didn’t want her picture taken.  So this year when they said it was school photo time I braced myself, coughed up the cash and wrote the photo day on my calendar.

Unfortunately, photo day fell on the day after inter-school sports when the kids could not only wear school colours but also wear coloured hair-spray.  It also fell on the day after Ruby’s first night at ‘late’ Guides and Alexander had extra football training so neither got to bed before 9pm and neither had time for a shower before bed.  It also fell a day where they had to be at before school club before 7am so they had no time for a shower before school either, both were knackered, slightly dishevelled and have traces of yellow hairspray in their hair – not an ideal recipe for a good school pic!  Still, they had clean uniforms, clean faces and Ruby’s hair was neatly braided (all by 6.30am!), I didn’t have high hopes though ….

(Excuse the photos of photos)


Ruby (honestly, her hair was neatly braided when she left the house!)

I hope you would agree that these photos, especially Ruby’s, don’t show them as they really are.  I don’t know what the photographer said to her but she was clearly not taking him on!!

Let this be a reminder to me next time school photo day rolls around!

Ruby how she really is

Alexander how he really is

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