There is a ‘Photo a Day’ challenge over on www.fatmumslim.com.au and I thought it might give me a bit of a kick up the bahookie to get posting again 🙂

I am a bit behind as it started on the first of the month, but I’ll catch up!

First off the theme is ‘Outside’

This is the Golden Boy out at one of our favourite haunts.  It’s about ten minutes walk from our house and is a huge open space where he can run about off the lead.

The winter here is ridiculously mild compared to Scotland (it rarely goes below double figures in the daytime, I’ve only had to scrape my car once) but I still go into hibernation mode so on beautiful sunny days like this it is great to get out in the sunshine and blow away the cobwebs 🙂  Having a dog is great for forcing you to get outside – even though Larry is a very fair-weather walker and would much rather curl up on the couch than set a paw outside on rainy days!  I get much more exercise from walking the dog than I ever did when I had a gym membership!

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