I have one row to do before I am finished this very overdue present for a friend 🙂

There are over four hundred stitches in the cast off so I am not going to attempt it tonight!

I love the wool I am using for this project, a Noro silk mixture and a lovely soft pure wool 🙂  I am really excited to see how it looks when it’s finished and normally this would make me knit faster but it’s just not going to happen on this one!

I took the kids swimming today and was relishing the fact that now they are old enough, and confident enough in the water, to go in the pool without me.  I sat at the edge of the pool with my knitting and watched them splash about enjoying themselves – for about half an hour – then they fell out, both went in the huff and wanted to go home.  *Sigh* that’s what I get for thinking I could sit down and suit myself for any length of time!!
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  1. I love that you are taking part in the fatmumslim challenge, I have tried it 3 months in a row, and have gotten as far as day 15!! Rubbish! I know you will do better than me (not hard!) and I look forward to seeing all the pics, maybe I will try in sept!!
    PS if you have any amazing puppy training tips, please feel free to send them over my way!! xxx

    • We’ll see how I go, I have lots of enthusiasm but don’t have great staying power!!
      With regards to puppy training, I would HEARTILY recommend the book ‘The Perfect Puppy’ by Gwen Bailey – it has everything you need to know and I referenced it A LOT when the Golden Boy was little. My own tips would be to socialise him all the time NOW – let him meet all sorts of people/noises/smells while he is tiny and he’ll be a much more chilled adult. I carried Larry in a sling before he was big enough to go down on the ground and I am sure that is why nothing phases him now!
      Secondly, walk or run with him for at least 45 minutes every day. Lots of people scrimp on this but it is really essential for their physical and mental health.
      Finally, have a great time with him! Dogs are awesome – you’ll never have a more devoted friend than your dog 🙂

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