A Tale of Two Children

This week, Alexander and Ruby have a school concert.  Whether I will be able to attend or not is in doubt due to dramas at work but if I don’t manage to make it, I will still feel like I have experienced every second as Ruby has told me every detail of what every person in the concert does, how they walk on, what they say, what their facial expressions are …

I am being flippant of course, if I don’t get to go I will be ropeable (Aussie word for seething!) but still, I had two little people to get ready for the concert!

Each class do a ‘turn’.  Alexander’s class are doing a song and dance number – Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’ (why does that make me feel really old?) and Ruby’s class are doing a condensed version of Alice In Wonderland.  In some spot-on casting, Ruby will be portraying the dormouse!

Today’s preparations for the concert have highlighted the differences between A & R.

Ruby needed ‘brown clothes’ as her costume.  Ruby has no brown clothes, every colour of the rainbow but no brown.  We went shopping but there was nothing suitable so I bought two XL t-shirts and made an outfit instead.  When it was finished we had a photo shoot …

Ruby posing

From the back

Dormouse face

While making the costume, I said to Alexander, “What are you supposed to wear?”

A – Casual clothes

Me – So what are you going to wear then?

A – (Incredulous) CASUAL CLOTHES

LOL!  It’s true, you never get two the same!!

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6 Responses to A Tale of Two Children

  1. Perfect casting for Ruby and Alexander!

  2. Fwaire says:

    Lovely costume!! Love the little added ribbons. I bet that top would look nice for day to day wear also!

  3. sarah says:

    you are very talented Mrs P, you may well be getting roped into school mass production in the costume department.

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