Koala Hat

In a few weeks time Ruby and I will be back on Guide camp. We are going back to the Lingbogol Camp in Creswick which is always a good few degrees colder than Melbourne. We also seem to have a spectacular knack for choosing weekends with driving rain and howling winds. The last few times I have been there I have come home thinking ‘I must get a warmer hat’ – a phrase I NEVER thought I would say when we left Scotland for Australia!!

Also, weekends spent at Guide camp do not include hairwashing – the showers are outdoors in a concrete shower block so a shower is a race against hypothermia and having wet hair would just be asking for an ear infection so I come home a greasy, gross mess.

Now, I have made some lovely hats in my time. I made a lovely red cabled beret, a gorgeoous chunky maroon beanie, a cosy red and grey striped beanie (with matching mittens, if you don’t hardly mind!!) but none of them fit the bill for camp, they are either too nice or not warm enough for chilly Creswick!

So I thought I would make a special ‘just for camp’ hat. My Guide name is Koala (instead of Brown Owl etc) and so I looked online for a koala hat pattern. Those I could find were for babies (What? The need for a handmade koala hat is outgrown by age 2?!!) so I just made up my own.

I was very proud that I made this out of wool that I already had in my stash – not a single fibre was bought for the making of this hat!

Of course, the hat will never see the light of day outside of Guide events but I know the girls will get a kick out of it and that’s what Guide Camp is all about.


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2 Responses to Koala Hat

  1. Michaela Smith says:

    oh dear oh dear oh dear

  2. The Mother Superior says:

    I want one! TMS

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