Soccer Presentation Day

The soccer season finished a few weeks ago and just when we thought that our time of standing outside in the cold and wind was over, today was the trophy presentation!

Recently it has been beeeeeeautiful weather – mid to high 20c temps and bright blue skies – today it was cloudy, a little bit rainy and 13 degrees.  A perfect day for a water park don’t you think?!!!

The presentation was held at Funfields in Whittlesea (a town NOWHERE near the sea!) it is a funpark with several water slides and activities and a few non-watery things too.  Alexander and Ruby were adamant that they would be in the water but as it was only nudging 10c when we arrived I decided that their bathers should stay in the bags for now!!

We had a turn on the go-carts – Michael was a SPEED DEMON and beat everyone else on the track!

We had a go on the toboggan before the actual presentation.  I LOVED the toboggan – a wire pulled us up the hill on our little sledges and then we zoomed down the metal track , squealing all the way!!

Then it was time for the presentation.  Alexander sat with his team-mates …

Until his name was called and he went up to get his trophy…

He was really pleased with it and certainly earned it having survived his first season in goals – lots of saves, a few misses and a broken thumb to show for his troubles!

After a quick barbeque lunch we set off for a game of mini-golf.  Ruby was queen of the 20 shot hole – while Michael prefered to play in the rough!

I am, of course, a natural – if only mini-golf was an olympic sport 🙂

The park was pretty quiet and most of the people there were families of the soccer team so Alexander and his pals were running free.  Just as well, as I am not brave enough to go on the Pirate Ship with him!!! 

Just before we left we said the kids could go on the Bumpa Boats – that way, if they got wet then it wasn’t the end of the world.  Alexander was still off with his pals so I said I’d go on with Ruby.  It was great fun …  (look at what a great time I am having – I need to get out more!!)

Until Ruby went a bit feral and took advantage of my poor steering ability…

Then Alexander turned up and they booth took part in what can only be described as water bullying …

I decided that it would be best for all concerned if I just got out …

and left them to it …

When they got out they were drenched (and in Ruby’s case, just a little over-dramatic)

So we decided that now would be a good time to head home.  I imagine that on a warm, sunny day, Funfields would be a FANTASTIC day out but it was still fun today!

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