Keeping things normal

Well done if you managed to get through my last entry!  It was mammoth!  It was also quite cathartic to write and thank you for the further good wishes that have been sent for Dad’s recovery – they are all appreciated and passed on 🙂

One of the biggest challenges of the last couple of months has been trying to keep things normal for Ruby and Alexander.  Things are very far from normal but as much as I would like to ONLY have to focus on Dad’s recovery, I have a job, a husband, two little darlings and a golden boy to attend to too.  My work have been really supportive, I had the first two weeks off when Dad was sick but after that I really had to get back.  Michael has been a tower of wonderfulness, taking over everything at home while working full time and supplying me with chocolate, tea and hugs as I rush in and out out of the house. 

In an effort to get things normal again and to reconnect with each other we went for one of our Sunday jaunts this week 🙂 We drove down to the dog beach at St Kilda and had a lovely afternoon of gadding about!

It was warm but not blistering and so it was perfect to let loose in the sea!festival and st kilda 176

Michael and I still have the Scottish habit of bracing ourselves before setting foot in the sea – an old throwback from summers spent in St Andrews and Musselburgh – we always get a pleasant surprise when the water is beautifully warm 🙂festival and st kilda 179

Larry was in his element!  He is not a great chaser of tennis balls or catcher of sticks but he is happy just to run about in the water.festival and st kilda 183

Any day when he gets wet and revolting is a good day for him!festival and st kilda 184

It was lovely to be out in the sunshine with the kids. festival and st kilda 188 After I took this picture I realised how grown up Alexander is becoming and the shadow of them not wanting to spend days out like this is hovering over me but for now I just want to laugh with them in the sunshine.

Thankfully, they are very quick to have fun and made up this game of throwing handfuls of sand straight up, before dodging out of the way of the falling clumps!festival and st kilda 196

Alexander would have played this all day long 🙂festival and st kilda 197

Ruby joined in too.festival and st kilda 199

How lucky am I to have these darlings as my family?  festival and st kilda 200

We left the sand and walked along the esplanade for a while.  It’s a great walk and wasn’t too busy today.festival and st kilda 205

Further along the front there are some showers where the kids washed their sandy feet.festival and st kilda 206

Michael helped them to dry off.festival and st kilda 210

Larry found his own way to dry off, rubbing himself on a concrete stool!!festival and st kilda 211

Ruby found a water fountain and so we had to take our customary picture of her being RUBBISH at drinking from these things!!!  Look how wet her t-shirt is!!!festival and st kilda 219

We stopped off at a swing park that we first visited back in 2009 when we were here for our visa verification trip.  One of the joys of having older kids is that they can go the swings by themselves 🙂festival and st kilda 222

Of course, Alexander has now moved on to daredevil dismounts, especially designed to give his parents a heart attack!festival and st kilda 227

Ruby is delighted that she can swing herself so high now – it took her a long time to get the technique!festival and st kilda 231

When we were here back in 2009, Ruby had to be lifted up onto this swing and needed a good push to make it to the other side.  This time she could do it all by herself!festival and st kilda 240

Alexander is always King of the Castle!festival and st kilda 245

And of course, what would a Park family day out be without ice cream?  One of my favourite ice cream shops has a branch in St Kilda.  When we visited in 2009 the kids looked like thislittle ruby ice cream

and thislittle alexander ice cream

but on Sunday we looked more like this and life is good 🙂festival and st kilda 251

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  1. correen says:

    You really are an amazing family.x

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