Update on Ruby’s Legs!

After my previous update, quite a few people have been in touch to ask how Ruby’s legs are now.  Well, here you go, this is them seven weeks on …

When it came time for her to have her stitches removed, some helpful child at school had told her that it was more painful to get them out than it is getting them in.  Super!  She was very nervous, but my friend, Leesa, one of the lovely nurses at my work managed to talk her down off the ceiling.  She told her all the steps of what she was going to do, showed her all the kit she would be using and then told her lots of stories about her naughty poodle/schnauzer puppies while taking out the first few stitches – the perfect way to distract Ruby!

Once the first three stitches were out, it was clear that the cuts hadn’t healed as well as we had hoped they would, so Leesa glued her back together and we left them for another few days.  Ruby didn’t mind this at all – she was just glad there were no more needles involved!

She now has two different creams to try to minimise scarring – one that smells divine for the daytime and bio-oil for night.  We are hoping that by next year the colour will have gone from the scars and in time they will fade and stretch so they aren’t too noticable.  Her skin is young and stretchy so they should be fine.

Ruby is such a wee trouper that it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

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