Meeting Ciaran & Putting up the Decos

Today we went into the city to meet Jeni and Ciaran who were visiting from Perth.  I have really missed them being just down the road so it was lovely to be able to pop down to see them.Ciaran & Christmas tree 003

Ciaran is getting so big – it’s just not on that all my friends’ babies are getting bigger without me there to smoosh them!!Ciaran & Christmas tree 005

Ruby and Alexander loved seeing them both too.  Ruby would be such a lovely big sister, she is so attentive with my friends’ babies.  Not going to happen 🙂Ciaran & Christmas tree 010

When we came home, we put the Christmas tree up.  This year, A and R built the tree while I ate an icy pole – I do love having older children!Ciaran & Christmas tree 011

Alexander found that the spiky branches where perfect for scratching his sunburn – not something I had to think about when I was growing up!!Ciaran & Christmas tree 012

I gave the kids free rein on decorating (once the lights and star garlands were on).  I don’t really understand Christmas Tree Control Freakery.  To me, it is about seeing and enjoying all the decorations we have collected through the years and that is much more important than a colour scheme.  I love that I have decorations from when I was a little girl and we have special decorations that have been given to us as gifts or given to the kids for Christmas when they were little.  Every year, Ruby searches for the ‘Ruby Slipper’ decoration that my parents gave her for her first Christmas.  Alexander is a little more cynical and scathing about it all but we still have a chat about all the baubles and where they came from.  I would miss all that if we only allowed purple and silver decorations or whatever!Ciaran & Christmas tree 013

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3 Responses to Meeting Ciaran & Putting up the Decos

  1. correen says:

    christmas tree control freakery?? thats a “Lauraism” good job Ruby and Alexander. x

  2. LOL, you know what I mean though, don’t you?!

  3. Sarah says:

    Just not normal, Christmas tree and sunburn are not words we put together at this side of the world Lol hope you have a great Christmas x

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