So that was Christmas!

For the third year running we have had a very unusual Christmas.  I am not sure when I will get used to wearing shorts and sandals on Christmas Day but that was the least of our wierdness this year as Dad is still in hospital so our usual Christmas traditions felt all different without him here to share them (and he is usually taking pictures if I am busy so I don’t have many this year!!!)

We had our second Christmas Eve gathering at our house.  I am really pleased that we have taken over the mantle of this tradition from Auntie Eveline.  All the cousins, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends and kids came round to our house for the kids’ mass present swap 🙂

It was a really lovely day and I love it that we now have a big family!  It’s such a novelty!  We gathered the kids together for a pic before it all went crazy …Christmas 12 and Creswick 013

Then it was time for the present swappingChristmas 12 and Creswick 002

It’s a bit of a free for allChristmas 12 and Creswick 021

but it is a lot of fun!Christmas 12 and Creswick 026

Alexander and Ruby LOVED having all the kids over and they all played so well together.  The girls played in Ruby’s (still tidy – oh Christmas Miracle!) bedroom or out on the hammockChristmas 12 and Creswick 033

And the boys had a good bounce on the trampoline and a huge nerf gun fight Christmas 12 and Creswick 037

After everyone left, the kids put on their Christmas Eve pyjamas and we watched ‘The Polar Express’ as we do every year.Christmas 12 and Creswick 042

Santa decided that Alexander and Ruby were very good this year, starting yet another new school, doing well at their swimming and soccer/calisthenics and particularly while Dad has been ill, and so he brought them both an Ipod touch.  They were over the moon!Christmas 12 and Creswick 043

We gave them the new Skylanders Giants game and so they went to play that while Michael went back to bed (also a Park family Tradition :)) and I made breakfast.

Mum came to join us for Apfel Pannkuchen , croissants and Bucks Fizz – I don’t have any pics of this as I was too busy (bah Dad – I needed you!)

We went into the hospital after breakfast to see Dad.  It was very quiet in there.  I suppose they try to get everyone who is able to go home.  We spent a couple of hours in there with the kids telling them about their presents and us telling him of all the news from the cousins from the day before.

We came home and had a wee lie down and then had our non-traditional but totally scrummy Christmas dinner. 

Mum and Alexander got a little bit competitive with the crackersChristmas 12 and Creswick 050

We had asparagus in proscuttio then mango, cucumber and tiger prawn salad to start, then ham with potato salad and Auntie Carol’s greek saladChristmas 12 and Creswick 049

Followed by my all time favourite – BarbarineChristmas 12 and Creswick 051

(that dish was for all of us, I was just comedy posing – honest ;))

And after dinner there was a little bit of playing games and blethering and then it was all over.  It was different, a little subdued, but way, way better than we thought it would be a couple of months ago.

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