A-Z of Victoria – C is for Creswick

I have been to Creswick a fair few times before as it is the venue for our Guiding region camp.  However, pretty much every time I have been there it has been lashing with rain or freezing cold!  Every time I have left there I have thought, “I must come back here when the weather is good!” as the landscape is beautiful.  It is very rural and the town is very quaint.  Well, today was the day!  We went to Creswick as the next chapter of our A-Z of Victoria!

It takes about an hour to get to Creswick from our house, which makes it about an hour and a half from Melbourne.  Creswick started off as a little rural outpost but, like many places in Victoria, it had something of a boom when gold was found in the late 1800s.

We started our day at the Creswick Museum.  This is run by volunteers and is a great collection of all the areas of Creswick’s history. Christmas 12 and Creswick 055

We had a good look at all the young, handsome, hopeful faces looking out at us from the Roll of Honour from Creswick School.  Christmas 12 and Creswick 056It was so sad to see groups of three and four young men with the same surname and a year or two in age between them all displayed there – I couldn’t help but think of their poor mothers, all her boys gone …Christmas 12 and Creswick 057

Moving on to another room, I was tickled by this picture of the council in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.  I especially like the bloke in the back row who couldn’t bear to stand up straight long enough to get his picture taken!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 058

There was a collection of ‘everyday objects’.  My sewing machine is not quite as ornate as this little beauty!!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 059

I loved this mini butter churn.  I could imagine Ruby being in charge of the butter churning in our house if she was born when this was the go 🙂Christmas 12 and Creswick 061

I spotted this beautiful clock – clocks like this always remind me of my Grandpa as he had collected some gorgeous clocksChristmas 12 and Creswick 062

Back out in the sunshine, we had a walk around the town.  Creswick is a funny little place.  There are old, ornate brick buildings right alongside modern shops.  There is this lovely old Post Office building Christmas 12 and Creswick 063

and just across the road is a drive-thru bottle shop (I find this a hilarious phenomenon, who doesn’t have time to get out of their car to buy drink?!!!) Christmas 12 and Creswick 066

I loved this hardware shop – established in 1854 and still in business today, occupying both the brick and cream shops.  I’d like to think it is the same family who have owned all this time, but it was closed so who knows?!Christmas 12 and Creswick 067

The town has lots of very typical verandahs to shelter shoppers from the sun – and the rain, considering my previous experience in our  current location!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 069

But just in case you forget you are in Australia, there are dodgy shop signs to remind you.Christmas 12 and Creswick 070

Seriously, Dazza, I know you are proud of your butcher shop but that is a terrible shop name!!

We walked past this pub, the name made me laugh because in the local accent it would be called ‘The Faaahmes’ Aaaaaahms’.Christmas 12 and Creswick 071

A few years ago, just after we first got here, Creswick was affected by terrible floods.  The whole of the main street and lots of the surrounding areas were underwater.  This was not something we had to worry about today – quite the opposite in fact.  Christmas 12 and Creswick 072

The bushfire rating was raised recently as the summer has been so dry so far.  Creswick has had it’s fair share of bushfires too.  I love all the disclaimers on this sign!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 065

We had a drink in one of the many cafes on the main street.  Alexander and Ruby had a quick go of Alexander’s ipod – it had been a good two hours since they had looked at a screen!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 089

And Michael stared into the middle distance while drinking a chai latte 🙂Christmas 12 and Creswick 091

We drove down the road to Creswick State Forest to have a bit of a bushwalkChristmas 12 and Creswick 094

It was a beautiful place and definitely somewhere we would go back to – maybe with fishing rodsChristmas 12 and Creswick 096

We took a wander up the track a whileChristmas 12 and Creswick 097

There were butterflies everywhere – can you spot them on this bush?Christmas 12 and Creswick 098

I still get a kick out of the odd Australian trees.  This one is moulting bark in a pretty spectacular fashion!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 102

And I like these crazy seed pods!!Christmas 12 and Creswick 103

After a decent amount of scenery appreciation and little lizard spotting, it was time to head homeChristmas 12 and Creswick 105

We drove home through a tunnel of gum treesChristmas 12 and Creswick 106

and open, yellowing fieldsChristmas 12 and Creswick 107

We’ll be back to Creswick, it’s a lovely town to visit (and we never got as far as the woollen mill – that might be a jaunt for Ruby and I while A & Michael are fishing!), and hopefully next time we are camping there the weather will be as beautiful as it was today!!

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