Not too warm for Williamstown

Happy New Year!!  Hogmanay was a bit of a non-event at Park Towers but we look to 2013 with hope that it will be nicer to us than 2012 was!!

The weather over the first few days of the year grew warmer and warmer until yesterday the mercury pushed past 40c.  All you can do on those days is sit under the air conditioning vent and wait for the temperature to become bearable again.  I do find it a bit funny that in Scotland the kids couldn’t play out after Christmas because it was too cold and wet, yesterday they couldn’t go out because just walking from the house to the car you could feel your skin sizzling!!

The forecasters predicted a cool change last night but at 1am it was still over 32c.

When I woke up this morning it was a very pleasant 23c so we got ourselves organised and ready to go out while it was nice out.  We were going to do another day on our A-Z but all the places beginning with D are far away or in fire zones (yesterday there was a statewide fire ban and the warning had been raised to ‘extreme’ on the fire rating signs – one step before ‘grab your kids, passports and hard-drive and go and stand in the sea while all your worldly goods go up in smoke’) so we didn’t really want to go there.  Instead we went to Williamstown again 🙂

Alexander was not in the mood.williamstown 010 

He is 10.5 years old and this appears to be the age when sullen, grumpyness sets in.  He would much rather be at home, looking at a screen of some description, not talking to anyone.

But I am his Mum and I knew that a few minutes on the rockswilliamstown 017

and with the aid of Larry splashing around with himwilliamstown 020

he’d soon get into the spirit of things!!williamstown 029

Soon enough everyone was clambering about on the rocks, searching for limpets, starfish and sea urchins.williamstown 031

We saw the Westpac rescue helicopter zoom past.  Not sure if they were looking for someone or just having a test flight.williamstown 035

A lovely old bi-plane flew over a few times too.williamstown 036

Ruby managed to get her feet FILTHY and then made matters worse when she took her flip-flop off to wash it, but couldn’t stand on one leg so got her foot dirtier and while washing it off, her other foot slipped and was also filthy!!!williamstown 037

We sat on the rocks for a while until her feet and thongs dried off!williamstown 043

We stayed on the rocks for a while enjoying the breeze coming off the sea.williamstown 052

Then it was time to leave so Alexander and Larry ran back through the waterwilliamstown 055

and jumped back over the rockswilliamstown 059

back to the tree where we had started.  Ruby had a little posing breakwilliamstown 062

while Alexander climbed in the tree.williamstown 070

For a boy who didn’t want to be here, I think he had kind of enjoyed himself!

We rounded off our visit with a trip to the best fish and chip shop ever – ‘The Top of The Bay’ on The Strand.  The fish is so delicious and could only be fresher if it was still swimming!!williamstown 075

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