School Gate Conversations

While I was out walking the dog this morning I received a phone call from the classroom assistant in Alexander’s class. A had a chance to go swimming this afternoon for ‘gold pass’ (weekly good behaviour treat) but didn’t have his swimming kit. I zoomed along the road to drop them off. Hurrah for a day off work when this was possible!!

On arriving at school I was met by three boys about Alexander’s age who were apparently on sentry duty at the front gate. They must have been sent to wait for someone as they were standing to attention like three little meerkats 🙂

There followed a conversation which, for numerous reasons, I just cannot imagine happening had we continued to live in Scotland …

Boy 1 – Are those Alex’s bathers?
Me – Erm, yes. (Look down to check if I am wearing ‘Kiss me, I’m Scottish’ apron, ‘Alexander’s Mum’ badge or other identifying garments – nope!)
Boy 2 – Aww great! He’ll be rapt!!
Me – (chuckle) good stuff!
Boy 1 – He’s not in his class just now though.
Boy 2 – He’s at bat tennis. (Strange australian game, sort of like table tennis without the table, but not like tennis! Wooden paddles for racquets, no throwing to serve etc.)
Me – Oh, ok, well, I’ll maybe just drop his kit into his classroom.
Boy 1 – Yeah, that’ll be ‘right. Just leave it with Miss Jackson.
Boy 2 – She’s the one with blonde hair.
(And, I assume, 20 years on everyone else in the room and a teaching degree)
Me – Well, thanks guys, see you later!
Boy 1 – See ya! You look like Alex though!
Me – Do I? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Boy 1 – Aww, a good thing! See ya!

Boy 3 took over the watch while the others chatted but smiled and gave me a wave as I set off to Alexander’s class, chuckling all the way!

I love the friendly, open hearted nature of so many of the kids at this school 🙂

This is their school playground – nice huh?

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2 Responses to School Gate Conversations

  1. Michaela Smith says:

    You gotta love confident kids 🙂

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