Swimming Tournament

Today was the interschool swimming tournament, it was 32c today – a bit hot to be sitting outside all day but the school have a fancy gazebo thing that they take to all outdoor events to provide shade for the kids – not really necessary in Scottish schools kit list!!!

Ruby was too young for the squad this year, but Alexander made it in. He swam in the 11 year old boys 4x50m freestyle relay (although he isn’t 11 for a few months yet!) and the team came second – he was pretty pleased with that πŸ™‚

Here he is in his school bathers. They say ‘Melton’ over the bahookie and I should have asked him to turn more because these look like Elton John fan-trunks!!!


I spent the whole morning lathering these boys in sun cream. It was so hot that they didn’t want to wear their tops but they hate standing still while they get their cream on. Thankfully there is none of the ‘no-one can touch a child, even if it prevents them frying to a crisp’ nonsense here. Sun protection is a necessity and if a child needs help to apply it then parents or teachers step in to help and there is nothing dodgy about it.


Here is the whole team with sports teacher, Mrs Webb. The kids love her and she is such a fantastic teacher. She has been at school every morning at 7am getting the kids in for extra training – then her Mum and I (every time I wasn’t working)made breakfast for them all before they went to class πŸ™‚


They are a really great bunch of kids and they did so well today, both with their swimming and their conduct πŸ™‚

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