Day One in the Low Salicylate House

So with our cupboards emptied and our ‘supplies’ bought, we were ready to start our new diet.

I spent ALL day cooking! Firstly I roasted two chickens and shredded the meat for sandwiches, kept some for pies and some for tonight’s dinner. I kept the bones to make stock – no more stock cubes for us!!

We stopped for a lunch of eggs and toast – pretty normal stuff for a Saturday.

Ruby and I made some pear jam. I think this may become a go-to snack on crackers or bread. We ended up with a massive jar and only one splatter-burn! (On me, I hasten to add!!)

For dinner I made ‘Chicken and Leek Puffs’ (kind of profiteroles with chicken and leek in a white sauce made with rice milk and low allergen spread – sounds a bit revolting but it was nice!) we had these with green beans and caramelised potatoes.

None of it was difficult to make but as it’s all stuff I have never made it took a loooong time.

The chicken stock was bubbling away in the background and I’ve divided it up to use in other dishes.

It was a gorgeous day so while all this was cooking I managed to get SIX loads of washing – including all the beds! I do love warm spring days!

At this time of night I would usually sit down with a cup of tea (or four) but that’s off the menu too so boiled water it is :-/

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