Day three in the Low Salicylate House

Today was a bit more of a rational day :). I had a realisation – part of the reason that I was losing perspective about this whole process was because I was making BRAND NEW STUFF that took ages without the guarantee of success. I thought that instead of making stuff from the recipe book I would adapt some recipes that I have been cooking for years.

I started with a big pot of Lentil soup – adapted from a recipe that we call Ruby’s 1, 2, 3 Lentil. Ruby made up the recipe when she was four and we were compiling a charity recipe book to raise money for a special needs facility devastated by the Boxing Day Tsunami. A low salicylate diet excludes onions and carrots, so these were out. Also, we had to use our own stock as commercial stocks are not allowed.

I chopped some leeks, potatoes and garlic and sautéed them in some olive oil and dairy free marg. when they had all softened I added the stock some more water and a couple of handfuls of red lentils. When they had softened up and it was all becoming mushy I blended it and added some shredded chicken. Dinner for tonight – DONE!

Next I moved on to sausage rolls. I put chopped up leeks, turnip, a tin of drained and rinsed kidney beans and a handful of green beans in the food processor. I tipped all of these into a bowl and then added some chicken thighs to the food processor, zapping them to make mince. This mixed into the veggie mixture and then I put big stripes of this mixture along some puff pastry, rolled them up then sealed and glazed them with beaten egg. They smelled really good while they were cooking and they looked like real sausage rolls!! They didn’t quite taste like my usual sausage rolls (I make these with courgette, apple and lemon mixed into the chicken mince) but I think they will pass!

After all this cooking, I had to dash off to work for the late shift and hope that Michael and the Parklets would like what I had left!

So today’s menu was
Breakfast – Porridge with rice milk for A, toast and pear jam for R
Lunch – vegetable strudel for A, leftover pasta for R – muffins with pear jam and a biscuit for both
Dinner – massive bowl of lentil soup with crusty bread for all – hurrah!!

I have a few more ‘recipe adaptations’ in the pipeline 🙂

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