Marshmallow Fun at Park Towers

As marshmallows are pretty much the only sweetie we can have now, we decided to make the most of them and have a little impromptu backyard bonfire. I say ‘impromptu’ but in actual fact I suggested it early in the day and then Ruby asked approximately every five minutes if it was time to build the fire.

Both kids are loving their time at Guides and Scouts and have learned how to make fires this term. At guides, we practise our fire building in aluminium pie tins so Ruby and I went to buy a big roasting dish. The kids went to the park and collected sticks from the ground – there were lots because there have been really high winds recently and the trees here just give up when it’s windy!!

Finally, when it was dark, we went out to build our fire. It took a while to get going but once Michael snapped THE ONLY skewers we had, which were carefully placed on top of the packet of marshmallows – well away from all the wood we were using, and threw them on the fire it all started going nicely!!

marshmallows 002

We got some forks to use instead and once the fire was going we set about toasting!

marshmallows 005

Which is a very serious business, don’t you know?!

marshmallows 014

It takes some work to get them exactly how you like them!

marshmallows 015

Unless you are like Alexander and like to cremate them!!

marshmallows 022

It was a fun thing to do on a Saturday night and has made us think that maybe we’d like to look into getting a fire pit …

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