Marshmallow Toasting Upgrade!

So at the end of my last post I said that me might fancy getting a fire pit.  It just so happened that they were on special at a shop here in town so off I trollied and bought one!

It had it’s first outing tonight.Fire Pit 001What a difference a week makes – last time we were outside in fleeces and it was dark – hooray for daylight savings!Fire Pit 008Living in a place where even the tiniest spark can cause millions of dollars worth of damage as well as loss of life due to bushfires, there are some rules we have to abide by if we want to light a fire.Fire Pit 005Fires cant be lit on ‘Total Fire Ban’ days – in Victoria we won’t get these until summer, and even then there may only be a few.  They are announced on hot, windy days and that’s when everyone gets a bit twitchy.Fire Pit 020Fires have to be three metres from anything – luckily this means that we have room for our fire pit right in the middle of our garden as it runs along the length of our house and is about seven metres deep.Fire Pit 024We keep water close by the fire just in case and it’s always used to totally extinguish the fire when it’s done.  We can’t just leave the embers to cool, they have to be soaked.Fire Pit 029But as those are all pretty easy rules to live by, we can still enjoy our fire pit.Fire Pit 040A time without technology, just us hanging out together.Fire Pit 003

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