Seven weeks on …

Seven weeks ago we saw an allergist to see if we could find the cause of Ruby’s eczema flare ups. We had tried to treat it with creams and by avoiding foods that we thought might trigger it but still she was left with regular flare ups. She had patches on her arms, legs, round her eyes and mouth.

The allergist gave her three different inhalers to use and put her on a low salicylate diet which would eliminate all salicylate from her system. Salicylate is a naturally occurring chemical which is present in most foods we eat every day – foods that we generally consider to be really healthy – and for some people their body doesn’t tolerate it well and this intolerance can manifest as stomach pain, joint pain, migraine, behavioural disturbance, sleep disturbance or eczema.

We decided to follow the diet as a family rather than have wee Ruby watching us all tucking into pizza while she has her bland chicken and green beans!

If you know our family or have followed my blog for any length of time then I am sure you can imagine how this went down with certain young, male, opinionated members of the household but we did it and I think it was good for all of us and know it was helpful for Ruby.

We went back today and the allergist was DELIGHTED with the progress Ruby has made and her dedication to her treatment. The skin on her arms is 95% better with most patches that have been present for years totally gone. There have previously been times when she was not in the middle of a flare up but the patches of damaged skin were always bumpy and rough – now you wouldn’t know that she ever had these areas on her arms. Her legs are probably about 60% better. There are still some visible patches there but none of the red, angry skin she had before. Her eyes are still a little flaky but not too bad. Best of all, her mouth hasn’t been red at all. This is the area that most bothers Ruby as everyone has an opinion on how to fix it and feels the need to comment or tell her to stop licking her lips.

So the upshot is – drumroll please – we can start adding different foods back in!!!! Hurrah!!!!

We have to add things one at a time and wait a week in between each addition but this is our plan – week one = apples, week two = carrots, week three = milk, week four = watermelon, week five = sweetcorn and then we’ll see where we go from there if she tolerates all that ok.

We celebrated this great news by going to a fancy schmancy cafe for an apple danish and some lemonade.


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