Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

Today is the only day of this week that I have off work – my next day off isn’t until Tuesday and by that time Michael will be back at work so I decided that we’d head down the coast to Barwon Heads for the day.

The kids and I came here very briefly with Linda about three years ago but Michael and Larry had never been before.

We do love to be by the seaside!!mt macedon and barwon heads 018

It’s a really beautiful spot and it’s only about an hour from our house.  There are miles and miles of sandy beaches and shallow warm waters.mt macedon and barwon heads 019And even today when it was warm and sunny, the beach was nowhere near busy!mt macedon and barwon heads 020

Alexander has spent much of the holidays so far in front of a screen of some description being grumpy whenever we force him to leave his room.  However, just a little bit of this …mt macedon and barwon heads 024

gave us a boy like this …mt macedon and barwon heads 023(He designed his hat by himself and apparently it will make sense to people who play minecraft)

A local ranger approached us and told us that dogs are not allowed on the part of the beach we were currently enjoying so we had to walk over a big, rocky hill to get to the dog friendly beach.  This was not a great prospect until we climbed up there and were treated to some lovely views.mt macedon and barwon heads 033

mt macedon and barwon heads 037This is our customary ‘Mum was here too’ picture – just to be sure that there are some pictures of me in our family chronicles!

When we rounded the corner, we could see the dog beach in the distance and there was no stopping us!mt macedon and barwon heads 039

This was the sign for the first dog beach – beach 30W – and providing we can keep Larry under effective control he is welcome on this beach.  Hmm, effective control.  Generally he is pretty good and doesn’t stray too far from us, but if he sees something he REALLY wants then he’s off like Fenton the Labrador and there’s no getting him back!!mt macedon and barwon heads 042

We decided to take the risk 😉 and it was well worth it because Larry LOVES the beach as much as we do!  (Dogs shaking water off their coats just cracks me up!!)

mt macedon and barwon heads 043

There’s something about being at the beach that just gets everyone to drop their guard and let loose.mt macedon and barwon heads 045

Children who have spent the last couple of days sniping at each other are suddenly working together and their laughter can be heard right up the length of the beach.mt macedon and barwon heads 061

mt macedon and barwon heads 062

Michael soon joined in while I retreated to the rocks with the camera.

mt macedon and barwon heads 072

Ruby came to join me to dry off while the boys kept going back for more!mt macedon and barwon heads 077

mt macedon and barwon heads 076

The boys stuck at it and they were all totally soaked but having a great time!

mt macedon and barwon heads 081

We tried to get them to run around for a while to dry off.mt macedon and barwon heads 064

But the pull of the water was too great and they just couldn’t help themselves!mt macedon and barwon heads 068

Larry was the most sensible and sat with me while the boys went back for more.mt macedon and barwon heads 098

And Ruby took to guddling about in the sand to dry off some more.mt macedon and barwon heads 114

Just popping back when she found a shell or a rock that she thought was interesting.mt macedon and barwon heads 116

When it was time to go, Alexander went and lay in the sea instead.mt macedon and barwon heads 101

And Larry looked devastated (but handsome!)mt macedon and barwon heads 082

So Michael and Alexander recreated some movie scenes … here is Peeta hiding in The Hunger Gamesmt macedon and barwon heads 118 and Chariots of Fire – you’re humming the tune in your head aren’t you?!

mt macedon and barwon heads 122

Then it really was time to go so we called Larry back …mt macedon and barwon heads 093

and head off home until next time.mt macedon and barwon heads 095

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3 Responses to Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

  1. Jacq says:

    Ahh- I DO miss the beach. Our dogs have never been!

    • Aww, that’s a shame, I bet they’d love it! Judging by the lovely pics I have seen of your walks though, they get a good run in the woods – Larry’s never had that pleasure because there are so many native animals who would die at the very sight of a wild beast like him!

  2. Tracey Hand says:


    It’s amazing how fresh air and the beach can turn grumpy screen-hogging pre-teens and teens (I have one of each myself, as you know!) into KIDS again!

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