My 40 by 40 List

As is the case with most of my endeavours, this is an idea I pinched from someone else 🙂  My online friend Emma started posting pictures of herself doing fabulous and crazy things and had mentioned they were from her ’40 by 40′ list.  On further investigation I discovered that this is a thing!  People are writing lists of things that they want to try or achieve by the time they are 40.  Well, given that I love a list, a challenge and I have two and a half years to do them in, I thought I’d write my own list!

As I thought about writing my list I realised that I was very soon going to be visiting my lovely friend, Jo, in New Zealand and I thought that this might be something she’d go for too so I filed the idea away in my brain until I could plan it out with her.

Sure enough, Jo was totally up for it so we set about planning our lists.  For us, the first stop in this plan was, of course, pretty stationery 🙂 Jo and I could spend HOURS in stationery shops – and I’m not even over exaggerating!  We never understand how other people don’t get as excited as we do when we find a pen that writes beautifully or a notepad that just cries out to be bought, even if we don’t know what we need it for!  So we went to no less than three different shops looking for the ideal journal and pens for our project 🙂

Actually writing our lists took place on a night out in a cocktail bar in Wellington called Matterhorn.  It’s incredibly trendy, full of hipsters and live music but there we were with our matching exercise books and our colour coordinated pens – we are sooooo rock and roll!!image

I wanted my my list to be a mixture of fun stuff, challenges, things for myself, service to others and easy things that I could bash out in a day.  It’s not a ‘Bucket List’ as I am very much against kicking the bucket at 40, it’s just a list of things that I want to do and now I’ve written them down I’m more likely to actually get on with it!!

So with the help of two (or maybe three?) jugs of margeritas, several fancy schmancy cocktails and my beautiful best friend, this is what I came up with …

  1. GO TO NEW YORK – Michael and I had planned to go for our tenth anniversary instead we emigrated on that day!
  2. TAKE A POTTERY CLASS – I’ve always really fancied this but just never done anything about it!
  3. RUN 5KM – I could walk all day long but have never managed to run any distance at all.  I’d love to be one of those people who just ‘go out for a run’ *****UPDATE***** I started on this one, broke my leg!  I’m never allowed to run again!
  4. VISIT CAPE YORK – This is the very top, pointy bit of Australia and I’d love to go there.
  5. STAY IN A HOTEL BY MYSELF – I’d probably be bored to bits in half an hour but the idea of a long, luxurious bath with no-one asking me anything, no dogs whining at the door and a plug that actually fits the bath is verrrrrrry alluring!!
  6. BUILD A TEARDROP CAMPER – This is my most ambitious challenge but the one I want to do the most!!  I loooooooooooove these wee campers and they would be ideal for my desire to travel in the great outdoors of Australia but not actually have to sleep on the ground outside!!  There are very detailed plans to be had online, I have lots of friends with expertise in various areas required (if none myself, until we get to the crocheted blanket stage!!)
  7. CAMP OUTSIDE FOR A WEEK – As mentioned above, I am not a natural camper.  I like being warm, I like to be comfortable and I like to sleep nine hours per night.  In my experience, none of these simple and not unreasonable goals are achievable when sleeping in a tent.  *****UPDATE***** I will be going to the Great Bunya Gathering Jamboree with Guides in September – eight nights outdoors – GULP!
  8. LEARN DOG AGILITY WITH LUNA – Our leggy, new girl is just crying out to take part in agility or flyball – she has so much energy but she is bright as a button.  At the moment she is still a bonkers puppy so we’ll start with obedience and work up to the others.image
  9. DON’T EAT TAKEAWAY/RESTAURANT FOOD FOR A MONTH – this will be hard!!  I love going out for breakfast or lunch at the weekend and more often than I would like we pick up takeaway rather than cook at home – there are many reasons for this, because we are not organised enough to have something ready to cook, because only ever having a 75% success rate with my family actually eating what I prepare is disheartening and because I just like takeaway food!!  Whatever the reasons, I do it too much and I could be saving our money for one of my other challenges!
  10. CREATE AN ARTWORK FOR OUR HOUSE – I will be relying heavily on Pinterest for this one but I fancy making something unique and personal for our home.
  11. MAKE A BEDSPREAD FOR OUR BED – despite having made bed sized blankets for loads of people, I’ve never made one for Michael and I!!
  12. WRITE POETRY – I used to write poetry a lot.  I won awards and everything!  I haven’t written anything in years and I’d like to get back to it.
  13. WRITE OUT A FAMILY TREE – It would just be interesting, I reckon!
  14. GO AWAY WITH MICHAEL FOR THE WEEKEND (NO KIDS/DOGS) – Just being able to go away with my lovely husband without having to organise or referee everyone else would be lovely!  I really enjoy his company and miss those days when it was just us – we squandered that peace!!
  15. MANAGE A GIRLS HOLIDAY WITH ALL FIVE OF US – With all my best friends living all over the world (Germany, Scotland, New Zealand, Western Australia) and with all of us having families at different stages it is nigh impossible to get us all together!  Last time we were all together was 2009 I think!  *****UPDATE***** It’s happening!!!  All my girls are coming to my house in April!!!!
  16. VOLUNTEER WITH LARRY – Larry is such a lovely dog and when my friend, Lisa, suggested that he would be a good therapy dog I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t already signed him up for it!!  *****UPDATE***** Larry is now a Delta Therapy Dog visiting the elderly in an aged care facility 🙂image
  17. WALK THE DISTANCE BETWEEN MY HOUSE AND JO’S – I walk a lot but it’s good to have a goal!
  18. HAVE A GARDEN PARTY – This sounds easy enough but our garden is currently a disgrace so it’s going to take a looooooooooot of work before we get it to a point that we’d be happy for people to see it!!
  19. MAKE RICE PAPER ROLLS – Ha ha! I know this isn’t tricky for most people but I’ve never done it and always wanted to so I put it on the list!
  20. GO FRUIT PICKING AND MAKE JAM – We live next to massive, varied orchards and every year we say we’ll go and pick our own fruit, then the season ends and it’s put off again.  No more!
  21. VOLUNTEER AT A SOUP KITCHEN – I would love to do this, maybe even a Christmas one.
  22. MAKE 100 HATS FOR – I’ve made a few here and there for them but would love to commit to make a big donation.  *****UPDATE***** 8 hats donated so far
  23. MAKE OUR BEDROOM LOVELY – At the moment our bedroom is something of a staging area but I’d love it to be a pretty, relaxing haven.
  24. GET OUR CITIZENSHIP – Pretty self-explanatory!
  25. WRITE A BOOK FOR FIONA – My brother wrote the most hilarious books for A & R when they were little and they loved them!  I’d like to return the favour 😉
  26. LEARN A DANCE WITH MICHAEL – We love to dance together but it would be AMAZING to do a ‘Thinking Out Loud’ style dance together.  I won’t make him do the lifts though, poor love!
  27. COMPLETE THE 30 DAY SHRED – I’ve started this a few times but got bored or busy and gave up.
  28. HAVE A FAMILY HOLIDAY (NOT VISITING ANYONE) – Having friends and family all over the world is a real double edged sword.  Of course we love to see our loved ones and it’s great to always have somewhere to stay but it does mean that we very have a holiday when it’s just us and I do think that those times are pretty important. (No offence to all the beautiful friends and family who have hosted us in the past – I hope you get what I mean!!)
  29. TAKE THE KIDS CAMPING TO THE BEACH – Despite my earlier protestations about camping, I would make exceptions if we were to be by the beach.  We all love the beach – as long as they are mostly empty 😉
  30. HORSE RIDE ALONG THE BEACH – Speaks for itself really!image
  31. TAKE ALEXANDER CANOEING – I think he’ll really love it, I’ve had a chance to take R through Guides but I’ve never taken A and there are some really lovely places to go here.
  32. MAKE A MIX TAPE – In high school I used to make these all the time and giving them to someone was like giving them a piece of yourself.  I like that idea.
  33. RECORD MUM AND DAD TELLING STORIES – Ha ha, they’ll love this!  I wish I had recordings of my grandparents, both to hear their stories and just to hear their voices.
  34. WRITE LETTERS TO A & R – I’m not sure where I want to go with this one but I want to think about it some more.
  35.  GROW SOMETHING IN THE GARDEN – As mentioned before, gardening is not our forte but I’d love to grow flowers and raspberries in our garden.

That’s as far as we got but I feel ok leaving a few spots empty.  I have a few years to go and I’m sure I’ll think of other things I want to add before I am forty!!

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