Piggy Update!

I set my alarm early again this morning just in case there had been any disasters in Piggy Towers. All was well though and they all came running when they heard me (or rather, when they heard the fridge door open – that means veggies!!)

I was out at work all day but they seem to have spent the day running around and exploring 🙂 Ginger and Bumble came out of their shells much more and were much less likely to hang back in the pigloo as they had previously (fair enough, they’re only two days old! I have such high expectations!)

We had another cuddlefest when I got home. I really want them to be used to being handled so after chasing them round the run for a while (they’re quick little beasties!!) we had a piggy pile up!!

20140213-221147.jpg They seem to be constantly feeding from Daisy. Every time she stands still there’s someone at her for milk! Ah yes, I remember it well!!

I am also keen to handle them regularly so that it can check that they’re all ok. I was a bit concerned about Bumble’s eye. I had thought that it was just funny from being so new, but on closer inspection he has one normal red eye

and one that is kind of cloudy and closed.

20140213-222159.jpgIt could be that it has been scratched and will heal, or it could be that the wee soul is blind in that eye. I was going to wait until Monday to go to the vets with them (just to have them checked over and sexed) but I am going to try to get in tomorrow in case it’s something we can do something about. I’m not quite sure when I’ll fit it in as I have a hideously busy day but we’ll see what we can do 🙂 Bumble doesn’t seem bothered by it and runs around quite happily with obvious direction (eg towards Daisy or into the pigloo) so he can see, I’m just not sure if it is binocular vision.

Anyway, we’ll see tomorrow.

I had a quick look at their bits to see if I could tell whether they are boys or girls. They were not best pleased about it and by Jove, they let you know! If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say thar Bumble and Ginger are girls and I have a sneaky suspicion that Poppy’s a boy but they were wriggling so much and it’s not easy at the best of times so I’m reserving judgement until a professional can do the job!!

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