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Personal A-Z of Australia – B is for Beasties

Before we moved to Australia we (for ‘we’ read ‘Michael’) were a bit concerned about the spiders here.  We even planned to buy white towels so we could see spiders more easily on them🙂 (We did buy white towels and then … Continue reading

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Rocket Over Ridgeway!

My lovely friend, Seonaid, very kindly sent over a VERY fun Cosmic Rocket kit for Alexander for Christmas.  As you saw, Christmas was a VERY busy time for us so it wasn’t until today that he got it out and … Continue reading

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Over the years we have tried various methods of pocket money and help around the house with Alexander and Ruby and none of them have really stuck. I don’t agree with giving them money for nothing.  I appreciate that some … Continue reading

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Sometimes all you need after a long week at school is a cuddle from your buddy.

Larry is happy to oblige🙂

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‘Ice Cream for Breakfast’ Day

I am usually something of a breakfast-battle-axe.  I am firmly in the ‘a good breakfast sets you up for the day’ camp and am really insistant that the kids have something healthy and filling before school.  Alexander is great at breakfast … Continue reading

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Pokey Eggs All Round

Egg cups were not high on our shipping priority list when choosing which of our worldly goods to bring to the other side of the world.  We brought none with us because we rarely have boiled eggs and quite frankly … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a birthday girl!

Today is Ruby’s birthday!  How did she get to be eight?!!!!  It seems that is was just moments ago that we brought this little, hairy baby home. Oh, my uterus just skips a beat when I look at this photo!  … Continue reading

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